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I Want A Baby "NOW" Prank On Girlfriend BACKFIRES!

I WANT A BABY AND I WANT IT NOW!! But it didn’t go as planned and it backfired! LASTEST VIDEO ⇣ *IGNORING BF ⇢ https://youtu.be/oQJhy5uVKu4 *PARENTS FOR 24HRS ⇢ https://youtu.be/81rH_cRLxSQ *JUDGING DE’ARRA OUTFITS ⇢ https://youtu.be/jm1oIKw2Of4 *https://youtu.be/qn5AVn2CbxU (PHOTOS OF DE’ARRA) *IGNORING DE’ARRA FOR 24 HOURS ⇢https://youtu.be/eAq7giNKy-4 HILARIOUS CHALLENGES ⇢https://youtu.be/WO29-i7x1O0 —————————————————————————————————————- RECENT VIDEOS YOU’LL LOVE ⇣ *THE… Read More »