Best of Baby Pranks Vol. 2 | Just For Laughs Compilation

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Welcome to the world-famous Just for Laughs Gags, we’ve been playing silly pranks on unsuspecting people in public and capturing hilarious reactions with hidden cameras.

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38 thoughts on “Best of Baby Pranks Vol. 2 | Just For Laughs Compilation

  1. shiji rajan

    Me and my husband watch your videos regularly such a nice program ,expect more and more videos every time❤️

  2. King Tshuma

    From Australia. I watch these funny & friendly pranks everyday & repeatedly sometimes. They are hilarious. The best medicine to my bones.

  3. Juan Claudio Barrientos Aguilar

    Idea para algún chiste: Una mujer policía se baja de su carro policial con 4 o 5 niños, uno de ellos es un bebé cargado en mochila porta-bebé y los otros 4 un pico más grandes y todos ayudan a la madre policia a infraccionar a un automovilista. Los niños ayudan, uno lleva las papeletas, otro lleva un arma larga, otro un arma pequeña, etc. Gracias por hacernos reí. Abrazo de Luz!

  4. Benjamin Tripleh

    Looking back since my childhood Very good funny Even in a covid situation like this there is laughter on our face which means it is Lord Jesus and you

  5. Lian Gan

    Watching this and other videos, it bring peace to me. Asian hate or black skin matter. Here everything looks peaceful and happy

  6. Eddy T

    Who else got a bike lock out there.?
    That's the one that got me spilling,(◠‿◕)
    When the cop joined him in the drinking contest the look on the new nanny's was pure gold.

  7. christine maddy

    These are good people who will protect you, your baby ? as you can see… They’re not greedy they know what is right to do and not.
    It’s so funny ? makes you laugh….Thanks for sharing all wonderful laughters ideas here. Stay safe everyone?

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