Super Toad Run (Animation Parody)

What’s the new game that’s buzzing around that has all the Toads invested in? Why play as the protagonist in a game when YOU can be the protagonist of your own game? See how Mario and Toads battle it out to be super!


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Be sure to check these channels who provided the voices for other goodies! Without them, they wouldn’t have been able to deliver laughs!

Voice Actors:

-Mario & Luigi: Electricstar from Ze Pyromancers


-Toad voiced by Daniel Manjarres:


****Author’s Comments****

Hello, everyone. I’m back again with another animation…a lengthy animation that is! I meant to make another video before the end of 2016 after my Mario GO! was uploaded but that was shortly before Super Mario Run was announced. Conveniently, I just had to make a spoof of this new app. The premise of the app is nothing out of the ordinary to make an animation out of upfront. It’s literally just Mario doing Mario things but endless running. This is were the challenge came in. How was I going to make such a simple premise exciting? As you can see, this is the final result and I must say I outdone myself in many ways!

I started working on this video back in January 2017 and I managed to animate nearly 19 MINUTES in those 2 months aside from juggling real life. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is impressive. I feel like this video defines my style. It has a mixture of all my previous videos combined together. For example, it has the episodic feel to it similar to my Mario & Luigi’s Snowball Frenzy, another parody based off of a real app like my Mario Go, and even a calamity of sorts that everyone loves…right? Don’t forget all the references to other popular Mario sprite animations from the past! How many can you find?

Anyway, that’s enough talking from me. The last thing you want to do is read a wall of text when you’re suppose to be watching a video. So sit down, relax, and enjoy the longest video I’ve made yet!

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