Real People being Truly Naked: The Embody Project Gallery Show

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This stunning book highlights the most powerful images and revealing stories from The Embody Project. This is more than just a fine art book, it’s a restorative balm that reveals the true beauty that we all embody, the moment we allow our natural selves to be seen.

Watch for the Embody Project Gallery show, coming to a city near you. This special event features an innovative combination of life-size prints on fabric and composite image + text panels. The show brings to life the Embody Project’s courageous images and empowered stories of participants from all walks of life, and invites you to shine the light of awareness on your own relationship with your body.

In this stunning body of work, Erica Mueller offers us a touchingly respectful reflection of our shared humanity. She helps us see ourselves, with all of our perceived imperfections, as perfectly normal and amazing. Erica’s work has touched millions of people by leveraging one very simple and powerful principle … honesty. Her images cut through the noise, offering us a simple mirror that reflects a truth that’s been hidden from us all beneath layers of clothing and culture.

What is the Embody Project?

The Embody Project is honest images of real naked people from around the world, along with their personal stories and perspectives about their bodies.

What’s it for?

The Embody Project is here to heal your self image. It will liberate you and those you care about from the harmful impact of manipulative media messages about beauty.