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To listen to some nice music and relax, you can visit our friendly channel «TRG»: Cardale Jones got to showcase his WWE skills in the pool, but when confronted by a potentially living mannequin the Ohio State quarterback acts like a fireman with his stop, drop and roll.

The «Nike Pro Combat Dummy Prank,» posted Monday to YouTube, features shots of Jones, linebacker Raekwon McMillan, running back Curtis Samuel and more getting caught off guard in the Woody Hayes Athletic Center by a fake mannequin dressed up in the Ohio State gear. Ohio State Dummy Prank Scares the Life out of Cardale Jones
While teams spend a lot of the offseason practicing and watching film, the Ohio State Buckeyes took some time to scare their players with a simple prank. The reigning national champions had someone dress up as a mannequin and wait for unsuspecting players to walk by. Then, it was time to try to scare the life out of them. The prank led to quite a few hilarious reactions. Curtis Samuel and Tyquan Lewis were each startled, but nobody freaked out like Cardale Jones. When the mannequin popped out, the 6’5″, 250-pound Jones quickly dove for cover. Big Ten coaches better be taking notes. The best way to get Jones to the ground is to scare him, not tackle him. [Brutus Buckeye, h/t Football Scoop]

SportsCenter just tweeted this. This’ll go viral soon enough
+GlassifyHD yeah cause they’re trying to clear their name after that fraternity incident
What a stupid, moronic, comment. Jealous, much?
+OHCelt jealous of what? you’re using the wrong term….refer to a dictionary and then get back to me.
+T Cooper Really? That’s the best you have? Just another one eaten up with envy of OSU, and can’t stand it. Comical.
+OHCelt once again jealous of what…why don’t you try to articulate a proper sentence first.
+T Cooper You is got a gooder english then he.
+Elly Guis what…
+T Cooper Well, I was just replying in phrases simple enough for you to be able to understand. However, I see you still have nothing but your envy of OSU. Sad, really 🙂
+OHCelt you literally make no sense. you’re pathetic
+OHCelt He called you pathetic, call the cops.

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