Nick Saban — Post Game — National Championship — Alabama beats Georgia 26-23

FULL Post Game Press Conference after Alabama Beats Georgia in a game for the History Books — Alabama 26 — Georgia 23. Nick Saban sits with his Offensive MVP.. obviously Tua Tagovialoa (Pronounced Tounge uh Veye Low Uh) New Alabama Freshman Quarterback [Who miraculously brought alabama back for the victory — And, his defensive MVP.. For Second game in a row — Defense Tackle (Nose Guard) Da’Ron Payne….
These THREE answer MANY MANY questions from the media. Tua was obviously the hot topic and the media asks him and Saban most all the questions you want to know.
Comment here in this video with any other Questions about Tua or Alabama and I can personally answer them in much detail.
Alabama Crimson Tide — With Head Coach Nick Saban — win National Championship #5 in the last 9 years — And the 2nd since the Playoff system has begun.
Alabama lost in College football playoff year 1 in Semi finals by 1 TD to OSU.
Alabama beat Michigan 38-0 in Year 2 Playoffs and then went on to beat Deshaun Watson and Clemson in the National Championship.
In Playoff YEAR 3 — Alabama beat Washington 24-7 with Lane Kiffin being fired after this game, and lost the Natinoal Champioship in the last SECOND of that game , literally, on a pick play to Clemson.
In Playoiff YEAR 4 — Alabama JUST defeated Georgia in an EPIC , instant Classic, Game — with a Come from behind victory in OVER TIME — with Tua Tagovailoa (Freshman QB) subbed in for the 2nd half come back for Alabama. Another reason Nick Saban is the best in the business to make such a bold decision as well as going for it on 4th down late for the touchdown. (Remember the onsides kick in the 2015 NC Win?) 🙂
Congrats Alabama, and it’s players and fanbase on #17, and #5 in the past 9 years.