Itchy Balls — Official parody of Jingle bells.

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Merry Christmas.This new song is about what can happen even if your package is wrapped up.

I 100% know that this video is covered under fair use law as a parody. I appreciate everything But I know that I have the right to express my work through Parody & covered under fair use law. Sincerely Wane Fawesome




Taco goes to a party where he meets a hot chick.
It looks like he might have hit something that looks close to a Pokemon character and is carrying it around on the grill of his van. Taco goes to the pharmacy for some crotch drugs.
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Lyrics by wane fawesome

Dashing through the snow
In a car I stole today
My friend called from a party
I said Taco’s on his way

Soon as I got there
I met a pretty girl
She said her name is Sam
But her everybody called her Squirrel


Took her home, we’re alone
I’m going for the boob.
Gonna film it on my Flip
and put it on YouTube


She’s not mad, I’m so glad
She wants to do some more
Now we’re rolling naked
on the dirty kitchen floor

It’s the next morning
I’m opening my eyes
This girl’s still lying next to me
Much to my surprise

So I hit the can
A.k.a. my throne
Now theres something biting me
down on my double dome


Itchy balls. Itchy balls
She gave me the crabs
I’m been scratching so damn much
it’s surely gonna scab


Like piraña on my iguana,
their still biting me
I need Mr. Spock to beam me
up to the pharmacy

Now I’m in the van
I’m driving for my life
I’m doing one hundred and thirty
in a thirty-five

Now I’m at the pharmacy
This dudes talking bout quail
I said I’m not bird hunting
Something’s chewing on my snail

Oh help me Bill
Lets make a deal
They’re bitting really hard
I don’t need a prescription
I’ll give you my freaking car


Hurry up punk
They’re near my junk
And I hope it’s not to weird
But I’m gonna drop my pants
and put this lotion on right hear

awww yeah that’s the stuff

________________________________________ __________
What I used to make this video

Animations done in Flash CS4
Video created in iMovie
Sound effects by wane fawes
Vocals by wane fawes
Music played on a Yamaha YPG 625 and remixed in Garageband