Hunting a Giant Gummy Spider! [Brave Wilderness Parody]

Watch until the end to see who else auditioned to play the part of Clyde Jackrabbit! ?
** We forgot to mention The Gummy Bear Guy in the first version we uploaded! ?*
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Depending on your culture, spider cuisine is either best served in a fine restaurant or on gross-out reality shows. But no matter where you live, a spider made of gummy is always delicious.

The Gummy Tarantula is over a fifth-pound of gummy impressively molded into the famously-creepy arthropod. The segmented body has all of the disgusting details that give you the willies: lines for those gross little hairs on its back, bumps for its crazy eyes, and two jutting pieces for its fangs (yuck). These little touches make it a perfectly creepy decoration for your snack table.

Even if spiders aren’t your thing, your tongue will enjoy the taste of this tantalizing tarantula (unless you have a phobia of delicious grape candy).

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