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By | 11.01.2018

Gaunda Punjab Radio and TV program is a production of BBC Toronto. Now Gaunda Punjab program features two daily news bulletins and regular talk shows in its program. Gaunda Punjab Radio Program has been on the air since 1982. We bring you news, views, talk shows, opinions and information about Punjab, India, Canada and the world everyday. Not only the radio, but Gaunda Punjab also broadcasts on the Television every Saturday. Gaunda Punjab broadcasts for the maximum time in a week in its community. It covers 40 hours of stereo broadcast on 88.9 FM band on CIRV Radio International.

Gaunda Punjab Radio show was started by Mr. Joginder Singh Bassi in Toronto, in 1982. Ever since the program came into existence, it has very quickly climbed amazing rankings in listener-ship and fans. Mr. Bassi is the producer, director and the host of the show. At the present time Gaunda Punjab is recognized and followed as one of the most popular Punjabi radio program that is listened to by people of all ages and all professions and fields. Mr. Bassi brings news, views, interviews and talk shows featuring politicians, businessmen, celebrities, common people and people from all walks of life.

People call with enthusiasm and passion to participate in the talk shows. Not only the current affairs but Gaunda Punjab also gives equal importance to Punjabi culture and heritage and respects its values by adding appropriate content time to time.