Emily and Princess Phoebe’s CRAZY Prank War!

Emily and Princess Phoebe’s Crazy Prank War! THIS. MEANS. WAR!!!! Yes, it’s too late: In spite of Mom’s best efforts Emily and her cousin Phoebe just •can’t• play nice! And when Emily gets, like, TOTES pranked with the old exploding cake trick, she swears REVENGE on her princess cousin, sending their peaceful household spiraling into a battle royale of girly pranksters!t’s ALL on the menu at Emily’s cray-cray house today!!! Will nothing prevent this pranking pair from pounding each other into powder puffs?? Tune in to find out!!! Thank you guys so much for watching my video this week!

For a Shoutout in next week’s video comment down below… Have you ever been pranked by a family member before???

Bye! ~ Emily Music by Kevin MacLeod and Josh Woodward