Hello, OSAMANIA !!!

We’ve come with a new opening parody here, which is so hype last season that has so many meme of it.
so yeah we know that we are a little bit late for making this video
because to begin with, our member are so busy with their own life now which is make it’s so hard to make a video together.

so we are very sorry that we can’t promise you again a new video very soon.
but we hope you can always enjoy and keep supporting us wherever you are because it means a lot for us here when making a new video.

well then, please enjoy our «Kawaii» maid here, Goshujin-sama !! 😀

Anime Title : Blend S (ブレンド・S)
Song Title : Bon Appétit♡S (ぼなぺてぃーと♡S)
Vocal: Blend A (Azumi Waki, Akari Kito, Anzu Haruno)

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