Best of Stealing Pranks Vol. 5 | Just For Laughs Compilation

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Welcome to the world-famous Just for Laughs Gags, we’ve been playing silly pranks on unsuspecting people in public and capturing hilarious reactions with hidden cameras.

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47 thoughts on “Best of Stealing Pranks Vol. 5 | Just For Laughs Compilation

  1. derHutschi

    most of these are not funny
    in germany most would also be considered a felony as pretending to commit a felony is a felony …

  2. WiSMs

    You guys realize this is all staged and fake? Hilarious nontheless.

  3. RafiDanny

    If that program is known in Canada, nobody recognizes Mr. Bald? that you always hit on the videos ..

  4. Excuse Me Sir

    Folks, from now on, if there's something fishy going on in the streets, look for a camera

  5. Star Trek Enterprise

    Estáis de recopilaciones por culpa del Covid-19 pero es que repetís muchos demasiados vídeos, hacer vídeos de miedo de terror con mascarillas??‍♂️?????

  6. Buck Fiden

    Apparently, most people, other than myself, have closed their eyes to the possibility of utilizing outside-the-box thinking as an intermediate step while continuously variable response potential creates a vortex in creativity enhancement.


    Did anybody noticed most of pranker are old ageing people ✌️
    Love you see it


    Love your all pranks videos#
    Real harmless prank # no volgers # just entertainment ?✌️#

  9. M Muneeb

    Haha the last prank was just too good. Those were real nice people to go along.

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