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In this Magic Pranks episode of How To Magic, Evan Era from EvanEraTV shows 10 Magic Food Pranks perfect for friends and family! Easy magic pranks with all sort of different foods and drinks. Funny, quick, and easy to do, these pranks are just right for beginners and kids alike! Have fun pranking your friends and family with these awesome tricks! With step by step instructions for each magic trick tutorial and prank explanation, you’ll be an expert prankster magician in no time! If you are new to the channel be sure to hit that SUBSCRIBE button and welcome to our family 🙂 Laugh@Life my friends!!

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Magic Pranks Revealed in this Video:
1.) Magic Eat Bottle Cap Food Prank Revealed — 0:40
2.) Funny Caramel Candy Apple Onion Prank — 2:27
3.) Bite Out Oreo Cookie Magic Trick Revealed — 4:04
4.) How To Do The Magic Lightbulb Milk Prank — 4:58
5.) Never-ending Infinite Chocolate Bar Challenge — 5:49
6.) How To Make A HotDog Octopus Food Illusion — 6:46
7.) Funny Classic Water Squirt Bottle Sneeze Prank — 8:17
8.) How To Do The Magic Eating Glue Food Prank — 9:15
9.) Funny Food Magic Candy Skittles Switch Prank — 10:15
10.) Magic Rainbow On Plate Skittles Trick Revealed — 10:49

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