The 2018 Spectre Sound Unnecessarily Dramatic Metal Parody Cover Contest of Comedy & Satire

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The 2018 Spectre Sound Unnecessarily Dramatic Metal Parody Cover Contest of Comedy & Satire

It can be difficult to get skull crushing guitar tones without having access to a ton of gear, fortunately I have you covered. Check out my Impulse Response Producer Pack here:

• Must be a music video. Must contain “Metal Parody” and #SUCCS2018 in title.

• No MAJOR radio hits from Weird Al.

• Open to all genres except metal. Original must be comedy in one form or another. Intentional or unintentional doesn’t matter. Just be funny.


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46 thoughts on “The 2018 Spectre Sound Unnecessarily Dramatic Metal Parody Cover Contest of Comedy & Satire

  1. Titans 27

    Can’t wait to see all the bedroom kids who have never herd of a music video before haha glen I think your aspirations are just a tad bit too high on that one but who knows, maybe we won’t get music videos made in Microsoft PowerPoint lmao

  2. Jay Tyler

    Do any of you smg subscribers want to team up with me for this contest? I think I have a great idea for this. A Protools session online would be the best, but any daw with exchanged tracks will work. Also I have an idea for the video but if you have a better one I'm open to that.

  3. SlakkJaw

    … covers as long as they are parodies, the lawyer says…. so instead we have to do a parody of a parody, in a sense? I get it, but that just seems… unoriginal. Can you do a contest with no covers for once? Like, best original Heavy Metal product placement/commercial? Or, just something where people have to create something out of thin air. I like being inspired by new stuff, and I'm certain others do too.

  4. Jacob Darby

    That's totally awesome of you to actually work the contest to where some of us that worked on the last one could still use that work for this contest. Hopefully the lessons I learned from my last contest entry (Dizzy-Tommy Roe…yeah, it was bad. lol) will show in this upcoming one. Even if I don't win anything on this contest, I feel like I still win. I learned what I did wrong with last year's entry and gained knowledge. 🙂 Good luck everyone, and FUCK YOU GLENN!

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