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5 HIDDEN Messages In Popular Kids Shows YOU MISSED! #2

5 HIDDEN Messages In Popular Kids Shows YOU MISSED! #2 ► VISIT OUR SITE FOR THE BEST ARTICLES!: www.thefinestpost.com ► SUBSCRIBE TO Amerikano: https://goo.gl/e8mcCy ►Visit Our New Channel THE BRILLIANT!: https://goo.gl/UpeqAc For copyright matters please contact us: OfficialAmerikano@hotmail.com WORK FOR TOP 5S FINEST: https://goo.gl/Su8DZQ FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Top5sFinest LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TheFinestPost/ Background… Read More »

Fake Baby PRANK

SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/CaptainShorif Porno Contract Prank https://youtu.be/Vuf_hQiNQSI Gay Rapping Prank https://youtu.be/6PNj3nQewvc Didn’t I Suck Your D*ck?? Prank https://youtu.be/1O-BEeDAj7g What’s up guys, in this video I see how people react when a single 15 yr old father drops an infant child & tries to find ways to get rid of it on the downtown streets of Waterbury,… Read More »

Gay Rapping Prank 2 (@CaptainShorif)

SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/CaptainShorif Gay Public Trolling Series https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjEuSMHFVM7kofv2hAxKkvYaDw_B846en Gay Rapping Prank Original https://youtu.be/ypI5XF_xYPw Gay Rapping Prank 3 https://youtu.be/xd7uXsPfelo Gay Rapping Prank 4 https://youtu.be/6PNj3nQewvc How I Became Gay https://youtu.be/Q-hqV-VIVlA Does This Make Me Gay??? https://youtu.be/TyLP7F_BSGg DIdn’t I Suck Your D*ck? https://youtu.be/1O-BEeDAj7g Sucking D*ck is NOT Gay https://youtu.be/azNaBx3jHrA Should I Get a Sex Change? https://youtu.be/u4rD0pi6qa4 Yeooo What up… Read More »