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CARDI B's Alleged Victim SPEAKS OUT! #Parody

#cardib #victim #iamdsprings #daphniqueSprings #Parody #drugging #robbing #invasionOfPrivacy CARDI B’s Alleged Victim SPEAKS OUT about being Drugged & Robbed. I have the tapes. Only on LifeLine with Daphnique Springs. W/ Trey Elliot & Jasmin Leigh & Andre’ Truth Jasmin as Cardi B Follow Her On Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWO1qIHQE014OWr3EztaR3A ▶ Stand-Up Tour Dates: www.iamdsprings.com/tour ▶ New Crazy-ISH… Read More »

Surviving Mars: Space Race — Колония 1000 марсиан! Финал за Бразилию. #28

Прохождение игры Surviving Mars: #Space Race. Колония 1000 марсиан в игре Surviving #Mars! • Подписаться: https://goo.gl/0s5RVm 💎 • Все плейлисты канала: https://www.youtube.com//channel/UCTEycOWhwIAKJ38ymjAzUJA/playlists Nutbar Games — игровой канал, где вам всегда рады! Обзоры и прохождения игр различных жанров в неповторимой атмосфере. Станьте одним из первых подписчиков и внесите свою лепту в развитие канала! #survivingmars source

Surviving Mars — Первый марсианин! #5

Прохождение игры Surviving Mars: Space Race. Первый урожай в игре Surviving Mars! Surviving Mars — это научно-фантастический симулятор поселения, где вашей целью будет колонизировать Марс и не умереть в процессе. Выберите космическое агентство, которое будет обеспечивать вам логистику и финансовую поддержку, затем определитесь с местом для колонии. Возводите купола и остальную инфраструктуру, исследуйте новые возможности,… Read More »


FULL PODCAST HERE: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND FOLLOW: Tweets by youtubeclipking https://youtube.com/powerfulJRE Tweets by joerogan Tweets by TheoVon Tweets by JamieVernon https://twitch.tv/youngjamie Tweets by madflavor Tweets by billburr Tweets by chrisdelia Tweets by duncantrussell Tweets by jordanbpeterson WE DO NOT CLAIM TO OWN ANY OF THE CONTENT WE POST! WE ARE UPLOADING AS FANS OF THE… Read More »

Phatooni — Nxehti Song (Bruno Mars — Lazy Song) PARODY!

Kjo eshte video parodi e trete e imja. Faleminderit qe e shikuat 🙂 -Nese ju pelqeu mundsisht THUMBS UP. -Klikoni SUBSCRIBE per video te tilla , mundohem te bej nga nje video cdo muaj. -Leni KOMENT per kritika/levdata etj. :p Krejt komentet i lexoj personalisht. Special thanks to: DJ NAGO! LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK :… Read More »

New Survival Game That’s On Mars! — Memories Of Mars (Steal People’s Oxygen To Survive)

Memories of Mars is out June 5th on Steam — Add It To Your Wishlist now http://hyperurl.co/MoMElitelupus New Survival Game That’s On Mars! — Memories Of Mars (Steal People’s Oxygen To Survive) you start on a world thats uncolonized it seems like that it is without life but quickly you find out there’s a lot… Read More »

Surviving Mars — Ep.15 : END GAME | ALL WONDERS

Surviving Mars — Ep.15 : END GAME | ALL WONDERS Leave a LIKE on this video for more! Subscribe for more! ► http://goo.gl/yCQnEn ► Surviving Mars Playlist — https://goo.gl/rYPj8q ► Release Date: 15th of March 2018 ► Pre-Purchase on Steam: https://goo.gl/EGphwp If you enjoy the content and want to send a small donation. ► Donations… Read More »

Evidence That Aliens HAVE Visited Earth — Real Or Fake?

Evidence That Aliens HAVE Visited Earth — Real Or Fake? «ALIENS» Extraterrestrial life, also called alien life (or, if it is a sentient or relatively complex individual, an «extraterrestrial» or «alien»), is life that occurs outside of Earth and that probably did not originate from Earth. These hypothetical life forms may range from simple prokaryotes… Read More »

Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B — Finesse (CARTOON PARODY)

Official parody of Bruno Mars Finesse (Remix) Feat. Cardi B ★SUBSCRIBE TO OUR 2nd CHANNEL 🔔: http://bit.ly/POPTWINS ★Watch more: http://bit.ly/CARTOONPARODIES ★Twitter: https://twitter.com/PopToonsTV ★Credits: Carid B Rap Voice by: Maria’s Secret http://bit.ly/2EE5hGo Cardi B sitcom voice by: Eidry Marinez http://bit.ly/2nJuYzf Maria’s Secret — «Escape» Song http://bit.ly/2nIxHIX Bruno Mars Voice & Animation by: PopToonsTV ★Follow PopToonsTV: Twitter:… Read More »