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11 Wierd Ways To Survive School / Amazing DIY Board Games

Subscribe Here: http://bit.ly/2uaz0on 14 Funny Hacks That Work Magic: https://youtu.be/9jNi2clTELk?list=PLy0LaulZe0vSljAapkasaxsIKJp7I-7j0 To have some rest and relax play with classmates handmade board games during the break! Today we’ll share with you the compilation of cool ideas how to make board games quickly and easily! Supplies and Tools: • Cardstock • Pencils • Rulers • Paints •… Read More »


SAGGING PANTS PRANK! (I’M A GANGSTA) PRANKS ON LITTLE BROTHER ISAIAH SUAREZ *FUNNY PRANKS* | LEARN HOW TO PRANK FAMILY! Prank wars vs siblings. Isaiah suarez vs joshua suarez. Learn today how to prank your family! The best DIY PRANKS! You can do these weird funny pranks on your siblings I have also done other… Read More »

12 Christmas Pranks! Prank Wars!

Subscribe Here: http://bit.ly/2uaz0on 7 DIY Weird Makeup Ideas / Christmas Pranks!: https://youtu.be/TqoeZccmxtQ?list=PLy0LaulZe0vQhq86ZPGXcGr8-FXyftUiK Today we’ll tell you the story about turning Santa Claus into a sly prankster Grinch! He is going to stole the Christmas holiday and prank everyone! Will we be able to stop his pranks? Watch in our video! Supplies and Tools: • Orbeez… Read More »

10 Funny Pranks For The Holidays! Prank Wars! Christmas Pranks!

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12 DIY Edible School Supplies! Pranks for Back to School!

Subscribe Here: http://bit.ly/2uaz0on 23 Life Hacks For Toothpaste You Should Know:https://youtu.be/cSu4X3bTSqA?list=PLy0LaulZe0vSljAapkasaxsIKJp7I-7j0 Today we’ll share with you new cool and funny ideas of edible school supplies! After this video you’ll be able to eat for lunch a notebook, a marker or a pencil! Supplies and Tools: • Ready-made rice paper • Spiral notebook • Ruler •… Read More »

DIY Weird Edible Back To School Supplies!!! (EASY & FUNNY PRANKS)

Hey it’s Julia Gilman here! In this DIY video I make crayons you can eat and other DIY Edible School Supplies! I know you guys love my weird DIY’s so I thought it would be fun to make one for Back To School! Thank you for watching! Have a nice day… xoxo My Previous Video➜… Read More »


Try these 10 DIY pranks on your friends! NEW video! How to do fun pranks on family at home this Halloween! How to prank your friend, couples, kids and more. Top 10 Halloween Pranks for family! Star a fun prank wars! Family Friendly. Watch in HD ★ My Social Media: Twitter: www.twitter.com/itsKiKiPepper Instagram: itsKiKiPepper Musical.ly… Read More »

11 DIY Edible School Supplies / Pranks For Back To School!

Subscribe Here: http://bit.ly/2uaz0on 12 DIY Weird Back To School Supplies You Need To Try / 12 Back To School Pranks! https://youtu.be/ap3HYLSr5XI?list=PLy0LaulZe0vSzNLVwlQZVJszbLCsIwl_C Today we’ve prepared for you the funny compilation of pranks for back to school! Craft edible school supplies and prank your friends. We hope you’ll have a great time! Supplies and tools: • Sugar… Read More »

12 DIY Weird Back To School Supplies You Need To Try / 12 Back To School Pranks!

Subscribe Here: http://bit.ly/2uaz0on 16 Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know! https://youtu.be/mNyiFW3mSro?list=PLy0LaulZe0vSljAapkasaxsIKJp7I-7j0 It’s time to get ready for school. Today we’ll make unusual and weird stationery. With such school supplies you can prank your friends, and studying will be more fun! Supplies and tools: • Colored paper ruler template • Nail file • Pencil • Scissors •… Read More »