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Dog spoil Avengers: Infinity War! Try not to laugh or grin!

!ALERT SPOILERS! Recently my daddy prank me very cruel! I pretended to forgive him and forgot everything! After all, revenge is a dish that is served cold! And my revenge will be monstrous! My parents are very busy, so, unlike me, they still don’t watch a new Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War! They’re going to the… Read More »

How DOG shoveling the SNOW? Try not to laugh or grin!

Today is World Snow Day! And this year in my city this is really a snow day! We had a real snowfall! Outside is very beautiful! Just a paradise for dogs funnny games! But… Slightly slippery! So, my daddy and I went to shovel the snow from the tracks! But, each of us had a… Read More »