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Lego Batman Arcade Video Game Parody 6 is a Funny Lego Stop Motion Animation about Superheroes. Created By Brick Corner. Feel free to watch new episode of Lego Batman Arcade Game Parody! Batman is having rest in his mansion, but someone rings the doorbell. It’s Superman! Superheroes are going to play the game. Be sure… Read More »


Justice League Parody is a spoof of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash!!! SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/JDgzmU WEBSITE: http://www.SpoofTroupe.com Starring Scott Vogel as Batman Lissed Olivares as Wonder Woman Steve Saunders as The Flash Vince Tula as Superman Join Spoof Troupe on social media: http://www.Facebook.com/SpoofTroupe Tweets by spooftroupe http://instagram.com/spooftroupe https://vine.co/u/1137663473049010176 Justice League is a trademark of… Read More »

Batman Parody 2 | Joker For President Prank

Batman and Robin Parody Episode 1 features The Joker running for President of the United States, filmed at the Long Beach Comic Book Convention!!! You may also like: Batman Parody — https://youtu.be/fDprGuv0ARs Batman Parody 2 — https://youtu.be/UUjnsRO3Qlg Batman Parody 3 — https://youtu.be/i5HYLQA0a1M Batman Parody 4 — Coming Soon… Joker & Harley Quinn Henchmen Auditions —… Read More »

Rise of the Black Bat

In a City where crime rules supreme, District Attorney Tony Quinn has the scales of justice stacked against him. When a crime boss has Tony blinded by acid, it seems that crime has won for good. But through a miracle of modern science, Tony is given the ability to see in the dark like a… Read More »

Fatman Begins (Batman Parody)

Fatman Begins! (Batman Parody) In today’s video, The one they call «Fatman» arrives on scene at our house. Fatman is Batman, but 15 years after his movie days were over. Needless to say, Fatman is a mess… Leave a like if you want us to do a full on skit with him! This video was… Read More »