«Returning To Summer Camp» | Friday The 13th: The Game | (Jason Gameplay)

Well you all asked for it so here we go. Finally returning back to summer camp with some Friday the 13th: the game. Trust me when I say summer camp will never be the same.

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40 thoughts on “«Returning To Summer Camp» | Friday The 13th: The Game | (Jason Gameplay)

  1. King Stevenbw

    and now me know where the gorilla part of your name comes from …. the pure rage you have 😀 Thanks for bringing the video dude, buit play to enjoy dont play to please viewers, if they like your content then they will watch you no matter what!

    Your a legend!

  2. chupacabra4u

    Come on Rilla, please keep playing. Also get all the gang together. Talking the waterboy, your boy toonz, Bryce, swag, Momo, and then your choice. Seriously please keep going with this and DbD. Love the content from you Carolina boys. Used to live in the G-boro, so what is your take on Dame's? Again thanks brah.

  3. Wrathblade Dementus

    Thank you so much Gorilla for explaining why many of us left this game. Jason is a complete pushover now. Counselors keep getting buffed. You are 100% correct about the shift grab, i used to get shift grabs left and right np, now I can't do it to save my life. Pocket knives are in practically every house now. And the game still crashes on ps4. And is still crazy buggy on ps4 as well. Just switch to dbd, it definitely has its issues, but not near the level of F13. DBD has balance issues as well, but at least the killer isn't a complete pushover.

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