MS-13 gang members: Trump makes us stronger

MS-13 members say Trump’s policy and rhetoric serves as a recruitment tool. Activists say Trump is emboldening the gang, making immigrants vulnerable.


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46 thoughts on “MS-13 gang members: Trump makes us stronger

  1. Demon Demon2

    MS-13 are a bunch of pussies that think there strong what a joke the weak picking on the weak does not make you strong MS-13 your days are numberd there is no more room for weak animals like you
    you will be hunted down and destroyed like the animals you


    Building a wall or deporting immigrants isn’t goin to stop anything or help…it’s adding fuel to the fire. It’s crazy that we live in a world and I’m not just talking about the US but the World ..we don’t know how to much fucking humans… the World literally does not know how just being fucking human beings and evolve into something good …we go backwards not forwards.

  3. BlueMoonLightDreams

    Trump is a piece of shit negative energy moron, and everything around him WILL be his equal, all his cabinet are morons and racist like him, his laws are to deport good working ppl who are illegal but have not committed any other crime other than crossing to find a better life. At first ICE was releasing illegals who dont have a criminal record, good job for them. If i was illegal i would like that, i would be ok by Trump deporting only those who have hard crimes, but mother and father who have been working hard? stupid Irish fuck. Now his laws to remove all latino gangsters are also deporting families, HEY better for them, they can use that fear to make their gang bigger and more cruel.

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