25 thoughts on “iPhone Parody No Flash

  1. MrAnthonyfilms

    Thats why im using my epic 4g touch to seamlessly browse flash enabled websites, when theres an asus with a 2.5+ghz processor and 6 gb of ram right next to me. Takes me a second to boot but im still posting this from my phone. You dont know shit about anything.

  2. Desmond

    @mlechman Maybe, but it is based upon what you do on a mobile. I do reckon it is useful for watching flash videos on streaming sites and get a desktop feel to web browsing. It is weird how adobe has killed flash development but is ATM making a new flash player app that works with Android 4.0 😛

  3. mlechman

    @RefreshChannel True, but Steve hated Flash because it sucked for mobile. It was old software for new hardware and needed to be abandoned for something better. And guess what, Adobe now agrees with Steve as they've recently killed Flash development for mobile.

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