Fallout 76 — What PERKS Will be In the Game?

Fallout 76 from Bethesda Studios is on it’s way, with BETA arriving very soon. Let’s take this time to speculate about what perks may be appearing in 76, and how it will effect the game.

Footage thanks to Bethesda: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvZHe-SP3xC7DdOk4Ri8QBw

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24 thoughts on “Fallout 76 — What PERKS Will be In the Game?

  1. Deftly J

    I think you are thinking of rooted too literal, if you aren't fighting no one is going to say guys I can't move, we need to go slow lol…You stand still when you melee in vats, you will get the rooted bonus. Think about this, if you are teamed with a melee player and you are ranged. Do you want that melee player standing still and absorbing damage so you can aim or do you want them running around in circles trying not to get hit? If you are going for a front line build rooted is will be really good even in a team.

  2. NewNightTomorrow

    Thanks for another great Fallout 76 video! And personally I would think it would be cool for some type of taming perk for creatures or at least something close to the animal friend perk maybe for lower level animals and enemies, Also love the Elder Scrolls music in the background of a Fallout video.

  3. Danvil

    Thanks for watching guys! I realised after I made this that I didn't cover the fact that even though you can have 7 perks equipped, you can share perk cards with allies. This is a big factor in why some need to be reduced in power.

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