Wishing to freak out your friends and pals like no one did before without causing any harm or hurting them anyhow? Be sure to check out our advise and out to the wild!

First, pierce your finger with needles and pins. A bloody mess will drive them crazy just as the edible worms made of cocoa powder, milk and gelatin swarming in a bed of dirt from crumbled cookies and muffins. In some cases you’ll also need a microwave. Effortlessly prepare another craft — vampire’s teeth of glue. All the stuff would perfectly suit for a Halloween party!

Fake a metal nail hammered into a mobile phone causing the glass around it to scatter. Don’t miss out another mentos & Coca/Pepsi-Cola blast right in the hands of your unsuspecting friend. And stun your female friend in the morning bathroom before the looking glass by eating your own lipstick — the secrets are the eatable fitting of white chocolate and an your imperturbable appearance.

Remember to perplex the guys around with a nut riddle easily solved by our expert😄 Going on with the foodstuff ideas: dig for the ice-cream melting it with a heated spoon and spare the dirty dishes and sticky fingers and fingernails.

We take pride in all parents who make by hand something worthy for their kids’ development. This time in our case this is an obstacle course for a schoolkid.
Another treat for a boy is a high-quality light sword of power from coloured cellophane and laminating film to them together. And a torch to illuminate the whole battlefield scene. Complete the illumination with a symbol of Batman in the night with our convenient recipe for that!
Create a cute folded toy composed out of multiple drawings of manifold characters.

Bring some fun to your office as well with office basketball!


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