UC Davis Chemistry Class Prank

By | 12.01.2018

Watch as our team collaborated with chemistry professor, Dr. Enderle, to pull a crazy prank on the first day of classes!

Directors: Shubha Chakravarty and Jacob Kirksey
Videographers: Vostok Bernal and Victor Yu
Plants/Cast: Enrique Chavez (speaking), Andrea Esquetini (filming), David Gregory (speaking), Jacob Kirksey (fake TA), and Akansha Kumar (filming).
Editors: Fifi Law and Darren Tu
Aggie Studios Executive Producer: Vostok Bernal

Special thanks to Dr. Enderle and Professor Osterloh for working with us to make this awesome video possible!

Music: AC/DC — Back In Black*
*Aggie Studios does not claim ownership of the song.