Transcontinental Railroad (Camila Cabello’s «Havana» Parody)

Who knew the Transcontinental Railroad ran through Havana?


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Original Karaoke Track —

The Railroad, yeah, it’s on
It’s the Transcontinental Railroad, it’s so long
Built by two Pacifics, Central and the Union
We finally have a connection
Between our two great oceans
What is the use of Manifest Destiny
From sea to shining sea
If traveling west takes an eternity
Death by dysentery
We need a railway to stretch the country
It’d cost too much to build
Pacific Railroad Act is what we need
Government be like
Choo-choo… We’ll offer a subsidy to any railway company
That be laying track
Choo-choo… Land around their tracks for free, no laissez faire
We’ll pay, just get us there
Omaha, Nebraska
Is the start, then the Plains
Over the Sierra Mountains
Finish Sacramento, California
The two sides meeting up in Utah
A golden spike is called for
Connecting shore to shore
Civil War’s finally over, let’s get to it
Out west, Central Pacific’s gonna build it with Chinese immigrants
Paid just a dollar per grueling day
Decade later, pass laws to keep Chinese away
In the east Is the Union Pacific using men coming from Ireland
Ex-slaves and Germans
Over Plains they’re flyin’, laying nine or ten miles (per day)
1869 in Promontory
May 10th, it finally
Is completed, now so quickly
You can travel our vast country
The railroad’s bringing ya
Westward to homestead, and will make the goods cheaper
It links the west to the rest of America
In barren lands, cities will now grow
Populations will explode
Transcontinental Railroad