TOILET MONSTER FUN! Watch ARCADE videos while we turn the kids toilet into a MONSTER!

ARCADE MASHUP VIDEO! We suprise the kids with a toilet monster decal kit from American Greetings that we found while out shopping.

This is a family friendly Youtube Kids video.

We put the monster decal kit on the toilet while you watch arcade videos from arcade like Dave and Busters. We play some DIZZY CHICKEN, FULL TILT, YAHTZEE, and ZOMBIE SNATCHER!
In this video there are no arcade hacks. We like to play these games fairly within the rules posted by the arcades that we play in. We take pride in winning a jackpot or a bonus based on our skill as an arcade family. We do not condone arcade hacking or hacks of any kind. We also do not do false videos like 24 hour overnight in an arcade or clickbait titles like arcade hacks to win the claw machines! Our videos are just good old fashioned family fun playing in arcades! I do not let my kids watch any clickbait or false arcade hack videos like guava juice 100% WIN RATE videos. These are clearly fake in my opinion.

This video is a video that I made for my fellow CLAW COUNCIL members The Arcade Dad and Dragon Claw Games! If you would like to check these guys and learn more about the claw council you can check us out at

The Claw Council is currently challenging each other to take as many jackpots off of our individual jackpot bucket lists. We all have those jackpots that we just can’t seem to get. We hope to someday hit a jackpot or big bonus win on every game in the arcade!

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