The End (Real Ending) | Resident Evil 2 Claire | Scary Game Squad Part 7

Here we are at the Resident Evil 2 ending. The REAL ending, Claire’s ending. The Scary Game Squad has one last hurdle to get through to escape this nightmare. Luckily we have our wits, our experience, and a giant electro gun.

This is the Resident Evil Claire campaign, the continuation of our RE2 playthrough. Watch the first series, our Resident Evil Leon campaign here:

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Horror, tension, characters, narrative and more. The survival horror masterpiece  Resident Evil 2 that captivated the world returns reimagined in January 2019. The original Resident Evil 2 game was released in 1998 and has sold over 4,960,000 copies. The action centers around rookie cop Leon Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield as they fight to survive a mysterious viral outbreak within Raccoon City. The 1998 original Resident Evil 2 gameplay was hailed as a gaming masterpiece and propelled the Resident Evil game into mainstream pop culture and the entertainment you know today. Driven by insatiable hunger, these creatures act on instinct, gnashing their teeth, ripping at flesh, and devouring their victims. The new immersive camera lets you feel their fangs as they sink into your flesh. The characters, environments, and story have all been rebuilt from the ground up to create a terrifying world that feels both nostalgic and new. Let’s play the Resident Evil 2 Claire story!

So, who do you think has the better beginning? The Leon story or the Claire story?

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Scary Game Squad is: Jesse, Davis, Jirard the Completionist, Alex Faciane (Super Beard Bros).

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