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Elf On The Shelf Making Kids Choose Between Xbox One Or PS4 [ Original ]

Elf On The Shelf is at it again. And this time both Elves might just get the last laugh over Leland as they make him choose between his two most precious things……his Xbox and his PS4. Today the family were just hanging out at the house getting ready for the weekend all the the elf… Read More »

kid wants lamborghini for birthday but this happens…

kid wants lamborghini for birthday but this happens… ★To Enter Our Channel Giveaway: ✔#1. Subscribe ✔#2. Leave A Like ✔#3. Comment Please do not issue a «Copyright Strike» against the channel as it affects my channel and all previous work. If I uploaded a song or content that is yours and you want it removed,… Read More »

Kid Temper Tantrum Over Daddy’s Fake GTA 6 Game Prank [ Original ]

Daddy does prank on son with a fake GTA 6. father pranks son with gta 6 game that he really wanted. Today daddy does a fake gta 6 game video prank on his son, Leland who really wants GTA 6.Daddy tells Leland that the new GTA 6 game came out today and that daddy somehow… Read More »

Elf On The Shelf Takes Kids Xbox And Leaves «Be Good» Note [ Original ]

Elf on the shelf has just landing at the mushroom’s home and the kids were very excited of having him. This video shows the first three days as each morning the elf on the shelf would appear in weird places. But what happens when the elf on the shelf start leaving messages for the kids… Read More »