Scary Game Squad — Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe (RE7 DLC) Part 3

Scary Game Squad knows no fear! Especially when we have our fists. The End of Zoe is, well, ending. This Resident Evil 7 DLC has expanded the story a lot and surprised us with the characters we play and encounter.

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End of Zoe is a story chapter in the Resident Evil 7 DLC where you play as Joe Baker who punches out everything that stands in his way. Umbrella wants to help, and all we want to know is why is she calcified. After the events of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, we get more backstory from the End of Zoe DLC, and some answers.

What do you think about the End of Zoe ending? Does it hold up to the Not a Hero DLC?

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