Most Savage Pranks of 2017!

It’s close to the end of the year guys! And I got to say it’s been a hell of a 2017 with all my Top Notch Gang! We are almost at 100k subscribers and half of 2017 was just a slap in the back. Watch me kill 2018 10x more savage! Thank you all for the love and support! I love you all for making this journey with me!

Fake Gun Shot Prank Gone Wrong!!!

Asking a Cop to Smoke Greens Prank !

Motorcycle Uber Part 1

Motorcycle Uber Part 2

Motorcycle Uber Part 3

Undercover Prank in the Hood

Epic Pokemon Go Prank!

Stealing Car Tires Prank in the Hood !

Pie in the Face Prank !

You Want to Get Blasted Prank!

Describing People in the Hood Prank Part 1

Describing People in the Hood Prank Part 2

Brutal Gold Digger Prank w/ROLLS ROYCE DAWN!

Drive-By Shooting Prank RUSSIAN MAFIA STYLE!

How To Break Up Relationships Prank

Stealing Peoples Phones in the Hood

Killer Clown Prank w/CHAINSAW

Pranking UBER Drivers w/DEAD BODY

Handcuffing Myself to Strangers Prank!

Deez Nutz Prank

Talking Loud on the Phone Part 1

Talking Loud on the Phone Part 2

Starring at Strangers Prank

Picking Up Uber Riders w/SHOPPING CART !

Eating Loudly in the Library Prank!

Throwing Water on Peoples Faces

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2017 Best Gold Digger Prank and More!