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— Mosaic Art as a gift 10:30
— Big announcement 1:35
— Mosaic art painting 5:00

Today’s topic i: I thought let’s talk, today about mosaic artist. Some of the mosaic artist issues. The way of thinking like, does it worth if I would make a mosaic as a gift to someone to turn him to potential client. to attract his attention. for more 10:30

— Big announcement
okay that big announcement . what is it ?so as you may notice we already… we almost reached 1000 subscribers which I
actually call the art people. who are subscribed to this channel together I don’t know why to. whatever. And to celebrate. now people are celebrating when they reach 1000 subscribers on the YouTube channels. and I want to make something like that.I just have that willing to. after we reach 1,000 at that day. the next day I guess. I
will upload a video. the vlog I don’ t know which number it will be. where you guys are on this video. so I want to have you guys in the vlog by preparing your video about what we have done after all
this two years to get this number of our people. and I want to have you in this vlog. this will be some kind of . I want to interact with you. and this is this the right way to say it ? I just want to have
you that you are… In short, I want to have you in the vlog directly in the are we gonna do that ? I have an idea. so here’s the plan. I want you to upload a 5 second 10 second or a 30 second
video or just an audio about about this channel. you know like I don’t know. just say whatever you want to. okay I don’t want to organize your speech. .. for ore click on 1:35

-Mosaic art painting
… Spoon and this stuff. I just put this tapes here off. because I didn’t like the position they stayed. and this one ? there are more you know UX. We talked about that. user experience is
nice to view color and you know it’s shiny and stuff. And this shapes looks better than that. so I don’t know I wanna I wanna tape so here directly and maybe a piece of tape in here. I guess that’s enough. I mean that’s enough. I’ll just gonna spray over this. we have some white. you know that white adhesive. once you know it keeps his white color. It should be going transparent but it doesn’t in this case… for ore click on 5:00

— Mosaic Art as a gift
Well and as we are creating some. we can’t call it directly mosaic art but. I’m talking about normal regular mosaic work. I thought as we are already creating something for friends a mosaic gift. does it worth it to create some mosaics and mosaic work. like piece of mosaic work to give it to companies or potential people who can maybe turn to a client ? does it worth it ? I mean mosaic is a lot of work, you
know. I’m saying. the answer is no it doesn’t worth it ! why ? you know, at the beginning at my journey in the mosaic art world I did it a lot of time. so many things that I have created and give it away to people, to
..for ore click on 10:30

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