Monica | A FRIENDS ASMR Parody [Episode 4]

A huge thank you to everyone who participated :’D The other ASMRtists are so freaking talented and deserve all the love! I JUST FINISHED FRIENDS FOR THE FIRST TIME so I was…giddy to play Monica. I am…too much like Monica for my own comfort. Please be sure to check out the other episodes, they go in order! 🙂 You can also just start from the playlist here: (

(Ep. 1) The One With RACHEL |
(Ep. 2) The One With CHANDLER |
(Ep. 3) The One With ROSS |
(Ep. 4) The One With MONICA |
NEXT ► (Ep. 5) The One With PHOEBE |
(Ep. 6) The One With JOEY |

Creative Calm ASMR as Rachel:
Phoenician Sailor as Chandler:
Relaxing Male ASMR as Ross:
Gibi ASMR as Monica:
CrinkleLuvin ASMR as Phoebe:
The ASMR Ryan as Joey:

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