Justin Timberlake — Filthy [ACAPELLA PARODY]

If you’re a parent of a two year old… you can relate! HA! Hope you enjoy friends!

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Haters gunna say it’s fake, so real.
Get your filthy hands up off me,
You know this is the clean version,
What you wanna do with all that mess,
Best clean that up before Mom’s home.

A little silence, I want it.
You wake me up at four in the morning.
Your friends, are my friends kids.
A mess in every room, that’s the way it is!
Come chill, homie you the coldest.
Your Mom’s hot and everybody know this.
And you know what I want to do,

Baby don’t you mind if I do.
Take one little nap, or two,
Baby don’t you mind if I do.

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Shot, Edited, Produced by: Mike Tompkins
Justin Timberlake — Filthy (Official Video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gA-NDZb29I4

Original Song by: Justin Timberlake from the album Man of the Woods:
Midnight Summer jam
Higher, Higher
Morning Light featuring Alicia Keys
Say Something featuring: Chris Stapleton
Breeze off the pond
the hard stuff
young man