Fnatic vs C9 Game 1 — Worlds 2018 Semifinals — FNC vs Cloud9 G1

FNC vs Cloud9 Game 1 — World Championship 2018 Knockout Stage: Semifinals — Fnatic vs C9 G1
Game Start: 06:02
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Fnatic Picks:
Bwipo — Victor
Boxah — Lee Sin
Caps — LeBlanc
Rekkles — Sivir
Hylissang — Rakan

Cloud9 Picks:
Licorice — Ekko
Svenskeren — Xin Zhao
Jensen — Lissandra
Sneaky — Tristana
Zeyzal — Braum

Europe (EU) vs North America (NA) LoL Worlds 2018
EU LCS vs NA LCS World Championship 2018

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