Coffee or Cash — Which Would You Take? ( Reality Pranks 4K )

In this social experiment / Prank, we offer people a $20 Starbucks card or $20 bill, if they choose the card we give it to them, if they choose the cash they lose and they get nothing. It was a pretty innocent social experiment but it was pretty fun. It was really funny to see they genuinely felt bad when they lost, one person even got very upset at her boyfriend. A few others not pretty upset surprisingly. They thought they had made the right choice by choosing the cash I’m not sure what they were thinking.
We start filming all new episodes of reality pranks 4k for YouTube this week and this will be the first year that we film an entire season for YouTube, we are excited and hope you are too!!.

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Funny Pranks are always better when seen in 4k video resolution, so if you have a 4k tv then this is the prank show you want to watch.