Asian games LOL 2018 | Korea vs China Full game | Uzi Kaisa vs Faker Galio

Kroea vs Viet Nam Day 2:

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Day 2 TPE vs PAK :
Uzi’s Collection :
Pentakill of Uzi:
RNG is Dream team for Uzi :
Uzi Stream Highlights:
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Fomat LPL Spring 2018:
Two groups of seven teams are drawn, based on the location of team’s home venues — either within the East Region or West Region.
Based on their home venues, Oh My God and Snake Esports must be drawn into the West Region group. LGD Gaming must be drawn into the East Region group.
Groups without their home venues drawn based on Summer Season performances.
One team from Tier 1 (EDward Gaming and Royal Never Give Up)
Two teams from Tier 2 (Invictus Gaming, Team WE, Oh My God, and Suning Gaming)
Two teams from Tier 3 (Snake Esports, LGD Gaming, JD Gaming, and Bilibili Gaming)
Two teams from Tier 4 (Vici Gaming, Rogue Warriors, FunPlus Phoenix, Topsports Gaming)
Each team plays 19 matches.
Double Round Robin within own group
Single Round Robin against other group
All matches are best of 3
Show Tiebreaker Rules


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