«— — —,» a parody inspired by «The Thing.»

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A Parody titled «— — —» You can fill in the three missing syllables after you listen to it.
Here’s the deal. The title of comes from a repeated three note pattern which occurs in every verse and that represents three specific syllables. However, it’s up to the listener to decide what those three syllables are. In spite of that, you’ll have no trouble recognizing who this song is about. Feel free to post the three syllables that you believe fit in those spaces, but keep it relatively clean please. Clever beats crass every time.

LYRICS To «— — —»

The voters were pissed of that year two thousand and sixteen.
Both sides of the aisle tried to wipe the tablet clean.
When the dust had finally settled much to our surprise,
oh, we discovered a — — — had won the final prize
his rivals had deceived themselves believing their own lies.

A certain demographic was as happy as a king.
They were the sort of people who’d believe most anything.
But countries all around the world were bracing for the shock.
We’ve gotta get rid of the — — — the ticking of the clock
The urgency is paramount just listen to him talk.

The scientists all scrambled to protect their data streams.
Years of careful research were now threatened by his schemes.
Disparagement of science quickly spread as though airborne.
We were helpless as the — — — administered his scorn
with hair that he had clearly stolen from a cob of corn.

The lower and the middle class were soon to take the brunt.
The — — — and his cronies all went on a treasure hunt.
They funneled the resources to the wealthiest of men.
A failure from before was now occurring once again.
The — — — saw the nation as his personal playpen.

Should the country die as a result, a victim of its fate.
And on that day it comes upon St. Peter at the gate.
Were it to try and get inside he’d tell it where to go.
Get outta here with that — — — and take it down below.
Oh, get outta here with that — — — and take it down below.

The moral of the story is if voters choose a snake,
refusing to acknowledge that he’s nothing but a fake,
you need to get him out of there with his entire zoo.
Or you’ll never get rid of the — — — no matter what you do.
No, you’ll never get rid of the — — — no matter what you do.

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The concept for this parody came from a song called «The Thing,» a hit novelty song by Charles Randolph Grean which received much airplay in 1950.

The song was recorded by Phil Harris on October 13, 1950, and first reached the Billboard charts on November 17, 1950. It lasted 14 weeks on the chart, peaking at No. 1. The words were set to the English folk tune «The Lincolnshire Poacher.»

The concept for «— — —» as well as a couple of the lines of the lyrics are borrowed from «The Thing.»