WOUNDED — Full Game — New First Person Horror

Wounded: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1015130/WOUNDED/
Wounded is a new first person horror game where you are constantly running into fuse boxes that don’t have any fuses. Thanks for watching!

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Outro art by — oweeo — http://oweeo.ninja/

Outro music by — Artificial Construct — http://on.fb.me/1wedGnL

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42 thoughts on “WOUNDED — Full Game — New First Person Horror

  1. AwesomeAartvark

    I liked that part with the vent too, it was so creepy! It seems like usually vents are treated like safe spots in a lot of horror games, so once you get in the vent, there's a sense of relief, but this one just ramps up the tension by letting the monster chase your through the vent!! The tight confined areas with something chasing you always get me, hahaha, like when they made the nun in that granny-type game able to follow you in the vents, haha, so spooky!

  2. NoThanksPlsGoAwayBye

    About your electric socket question. I believe it does have something to do with how modern the electrical system is in each house.
    But from personal experience, the school I went to, had a track made for boats with a few water mill looking things to create a current so that the ships you put in the water would move around.
    The teacher had put a tarp on the floor to prevent the kids from soaking everything, but evidently it was leaky, as it seeped into an electric socket under the tarp.
    For the next few days, anyone playing with the boats would feel random, rhythmic buzzing, zapping, jolts of pain, but it wasn't enough to hurt anyone severely, it just.. shocked us.

  3. Abby Nicole

    New circuit breakers will turn off the power if a shortage occurs during flooding to answer your question. I have a house built in the 50s however with an old fuse box that takes actual copper fuses. From my understanding the fuses would all burst and the power would short? So I don't think people would get electrocuted?

  4. Indigo July

    It dialed up a bit, even with that ending. I wish the story was a little… idk. I did read about the cannery or maybe saw it… somewhere that I can't remember. Hopefully I 'll have some more time in the upcoming month/week to catch up on the tomb raider vods and v3. Thanks for playing and editing!

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