Why I'm Voting for Obama *PARODY*

I play the hipster Obama supporter that still believes the lies about Obama. And then I play myself who knows better than to think Obama is anti-war or pro-choice (the man wants to limit your choices!)

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Medical Marijuana Crackdowns:


Keynesian Multipler Model:


Obama Didn’t End War in Iraq:


Obama wanted to keep 10,000 troops in Iraq:


Drone strikes in Libya:


US ‘extends drone strikes to Somalia’


Deaths in US drone strike in Yemen


Drone strike increase in Pakistan under Obama:




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39 thoughts on “Why I'm Voting for Obama *PARODY*

  1. crnel

    Well, Obama had that really cool logo of a sun shining out thru the rolling hills, and he's a good looking tan man with a shiny smile and a promise of hope. What more did you need? 😉 If you compare to Trump's tangerine toupee, it's apples and oranges…

  2. i Steamworks

    This surge of intellectual educated women is insane. America is in good hands with Trump in office and the many hard-working FACT driven intelligent people putting out videos and speaking out like this. I really don't see this liberal leftist bullshit lasting much longer.

  3. Leigh Ann Smith

    Hey +Julie Borowski, I love watching your videos, they are a great mix of humor and factual objectivity. I am very interested where your sources are coming from? Watching people like Milo, Steven Crowder, etc, I always wonder where I can get this information that is unbiased, or do you all look at journals and statistics and make your own analytical observations? I want to be able to find the facts, not the narratives that biased newschannels are plastering all over the internet, but it is proving very difficult.

  4. John C

    Wow, I didn't realize that Obama had no choice but to pull troops out of Iraq. I was against him do so because that led to the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq. I generally support our wars, though I would prefer doing it far more effectively, efficiently, and with an actual declaration of war each time. I believe we should go to war if 1) it is with an actual declaration by Congress and only if one of three scenarios exist: 1) an enemy attacks the United States, 2) an enemy invades another country, and/or 3) if an enemy is severely oppressing their own people. For example, Imperial Japan attacked United States territories all across the western Pacific on December 7, 1941. FDR asked Congress to declare a state of war and we went to war. That was exactly how this should have played out. We have the right to self-defense. It someone attacks us we can fight back. In the WWII, the Axis Powers invades multiple neighboring countries. In the Korean War, the North invaded the South. In the Vietnam War, the North invaded the South. In the Gulf War, Iraq invaded Kuwait. There are many other cases, but the point is that we have the capability and obligation to defend weaker countries who want our assistance. Do you stand by and watch as a bully harms a weaker individual? No, we take action to defend the weaker individual. We have the strongest military in the world and in history. We have an obligation to defend the weak. Likewise, we have an obligation to defend those oppressed within other countries. I agree that we should exercise restraint. If a country does not want our help, we should accept that. I also believe we should use our military force far more efficiently. There should be no prolonged war against terrorism. Rather, we should go after terrorist groups who 1) attack the United States (Al-Qaeda, Islamic State), 2) invade a country (Islamic State has territory in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere), and 3) if they are a territory oppressing their population (Islamic State oppressing many within their boarders). Most terrorist groups have not done any of these. They may be a nuisance to one or two countries, but they are not our concern, unless a country fighting them asks for our help.

  5. crazypostalbob

    I agree on all points, worth mentioning a lot of liberals believe that drone strikes cause less deaths or are not causing wars because they see it as defensive instead of aggressive and a last resort. I know, this isn't true, but we need to find out how to argue against that, because it will be their final go to. This is why I tend to point out the similarities in decisions between Obama and Bush W in for example Gitmo, something Obama initially campaigned on closing it as his first action in the whitehouse, to it disappearing only to find out that so,e of the detainees had given information in 2007-2008 which led to Osama's courier, which would never have been completed if we shut the factory down. I point this out often. It was nothing more than a campaigning tool on either side. If Obama shut that down we wouldn't have caught Osama.

  6. Robert Johnson

    Some more ammo for you:
    1.  EVEN if we could prove that we now have more jobs under Obama than we did before, it doesn't prove that he's the CAUSE.  Indeed, since the GOP took over Congress in 2010, AND WAS ALREAY PROBABLY ANTICIPATED to do so after Obama's attempted takeover of GM, etc., drove the Dow down by around 3000 points, that the subsequent INCREASE in the Dow AND employment are all due to the anticipation that the GOP would take over the House and limit Obama's worst errors.
    2.  IN FACT, while the unemployment rate has gone down, even Pat Caddell (McGovern's former campaign manager!) admits that those rates would be MUCH higher if all the people who have given up were trying to find jobs, which relates to the OTHER trend during Obama — that while unemployment rates are down, so is the Labor Force Participation Rate.
    3.  Once the Tea Party's  Fiscal Cliff took effect March 1 2013, the Dow Jones went up every day for two weeks (484 points) and by the end of a full two months and three weeks was 1333 points higher.  Unemployment rates dropped, GDP growth rates got higher and higher, etc.  So much for Keynesian economics!
    4.  In addition to the excellent foreign policy points you made, Obama tripled our fatalities in Afghanistan by tripling our soldiers, and ATTEMPTED (with Pelosi) to mobilize against Syria.  Even BOLTON had reservations about giving weapons to ANY faction in Syria, and sure enough, after only half a year of funding the Free Syrian Army, we find out they were doing coordinated maneuvers with Al Qaeda (!!!!) who of course had included ISIS as one of their partners, until even Al Qaeda was sick of them. 

  7. cincinnati funk

    Julie… run for president. A lot of dudes were gonna vote for Palin just based on tits alone. Seriously, you could do it. A female in the White House what party is she? Tits.. that's what party she is. One thing you can count on is that this is 'Merica… and that plan would work. And I would be OK with that if it meant waking people up and ending all the suffering. Great videos… keep going.

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