When We Said ‘Put Everything On Switch,’ That’s Not What We Meant — Game Scoop! 490

This week we’re discussing Nintendo’s indies, Darksiders 3, Lumines, and more.

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44 thoughts on “When We Said ‘Put Everything On Switch,’ That’s Not What We Meant — Game Scoop! 490

  1. squiddly007

    For me the problem with fake SNES games is when people try to pass them off as genuine. For people that dont know they could be paying a lot of money for something they think is real. There are people on EBAY that sell as fakes and the carts are colored so you know.

  2. Aaron Jones

    I'm thinking un-authentic cartridges aren't much different from any other home made item, if someone can make a buck by making a homemade product let them.
    Perhaps when you're in the retirement home you'll be watching archived playthroughs of old games, in addition to those Halo LAN parties.
    Elysium wasn't a terrible film, it wasn't anything great but it's a decent film.

  3. _washdup

    No more weeks off my weekly fix of Gamescoop is more important than your daily life thanks. I kid but definitely looking forward to an all 20 questions again I watched the last one I can’t even tell you how many times! So here’s to hoping you have time for that cheers 🥂

  4. Andy Davies

    A lot of normative and descriptive ethics problems on gamescoop today. I was hearing utilitarianism, virtue ethics and consequentialism as they circled there ethical dilemmas of fake cartridge and long plays. Maybe this should be a feature article.

  5. Marcus Augustinus

    I agree with Sam that games are not as good at telling stories, but that is precisely why I watch them on YouTube any time I can’t focus on a tv show or movie as much as needed to follow a real story. I watch long plays of Zelda II often when I’m working or busy with family because I’ve played it hundreds of times and I don’t need to be engaged to know what’s going on (and the music is incredible). Other than times like these, the only time I watch games on YouTube is for guides or to see if it’s something I want to buy.

  6. timezones88

    100% agree… Way too many games showing up in the eShop these days. It’s gotten to the point where I only check the sale page because I don’t feel like digging through a billion different titles. Plus a lot of these games are being priced substantially higher than what they’re sold for in the Playstation/XBOX stores. Unfortunately we now have a watered down overpriced eShop. Swell.

  7. 24 Frames

    1:38 Nintendo are releasing 20-30 new games a week. Daemon thinks it doesn't have to be like this
    8:50 The Scoop crew weighs in Darksiders 3
    13:51 What have the omega cops been playing
    23:23 the cops weighs in on the Robocop remake
    26:25 As people who grew up with really hard games like Megaman, did you guys ever abuse save files to make it easier? — Aaron from Dallas, TX.
    35:09 What does my game room need for the Goose Camp crew to approve? — Justin from Idaho
    36:32 The producer gets mad and puts up a message on the studio monitor to stop kicking the mic stand.
    40:25 How do you feel about Let's plays? Do you think it hurts the gaming industry? — Matt from Nowhere
    42:49 Daemon is fired up about obnoxious gaming youtubers
    46:55 video game 20 questions suggestion comes from Spencer Sullivan.

  8. ChesterEugene

    Don't agree, i think there are wonderful video game stories, on par, if not better than movies, tv, or books. Because YOU guys don't play games for narrative, doesn't mean others don't. I personally don't like games that just have great game play with no good narrative to push me along. As someone who has had an atari 2600 up until my PS4 and Xbox one, I've experienced every type of gameplay. I can only jump, punch, or throw things so much. So now I need a compelling narrative, on top of competent gameplay and systems, in order to enjoy a game. I think god of war succeeds at both, and so did petsona 5, horizon zero Dawn, nier automata, mass effect, and Dragon Age. While your eyes glazed over during dialog, i and others were riveted. And you can't say that the characters in the last of us aren't complex and wonderfully presented. So yes, there is great storytelling in gaming. And as someone who has seen blade runner 2049 and played through Detroit Become Human, there are certain moments that exceed the storytelling in Blade runner, though I think in it's entirety, blade runner 2049's story is better. So please don't think that something is less compelling to others because you don't pay attention when playing, or because it's not compelling to you.

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