What’s really going on… (cops, getting arrested, the truth) | Garrett Ginner

I feel like I owe you all an explanation of what’s really going on after Jack’s bridge jumping video. There are good cops and there are bad cops, and when you get bad cops, your «rights» don’t matter. I wanted to be as safe as I possibly could because I don’t know the laws in Florida.

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What’s really going on… (cops, getting arrested, the truth) | Garrett Ginner https://youtu.be/d10uNK4EJO0

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43 thoughts on “What’s really going on… (cops, getting arrested, the truth) | Garrett Ginner

  1. Nick Wancho

    You could have played a little more into the ignorance you broke almost instantly and told them who the guys were you could have just said I was visiting and name one friend who knew people that were going to jump instead of rat them all out. Still a pussy I'm sorry crack way to hard under pressure

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