What REALLY Happens in Octopath Traveler [Parody]

Probably what happens during cutscenes in the the new Nintendo Switch game, Octopath Traveler
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What really happens in Octopath Traveler…

A warp zone sketch comedy parody video about the rpg video game Octopath Traveler. Ever find it weird that the characters wait around during super dramatic cut scenes and then go immediately back to rpg adventure and battle mode right afterwards? This gaming video shows what Octopath Traveler is like in real life.


Schro — Gamer 1
Fish — Gamer 2
Katie Wilson — Ophilia Clement
Odom — Father
Davis — Warrior
Ryan — Scholar

Cinematography by Richard Keith
Edited by Ryan Turner
VFX by Chance Cole
BTS shot & edited by Chris Reese
Makeup by Roxanne Pike
Sound by Michael Rich
Produced by Brian Fisher & David Odom

Special Thanks
Russ Ferguson
Joey Kramer


The Warp Zone is:
Michael Davis
Brian Fisher
David Odom
Michael Schroeder
Ryan Tellez

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23 thoughts on “What REALLY Happens in Octopath Traveler [Parody]

  1. Ryley Thomas

    Is that Cyrus and olberic? Because I thought olberic was about avenging an old partner who betrayed him?
    Wild arms did a great way weaving character plots and there relationships together, so did one final fantasy game with an airship on dc haha
    Still love octopath, can’t wait to see what else there is cause I just got to Cyrus,

  2. David Moro

    like the video guys, but it's tech. only 4 minutes and 33 seconds long the rest of the time is just outtakes/gags to stretch the time out and make the video longer, but i suppose ya gotta do what you gotta do to get anything from YouTube anymore sooo i don't mind.

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