What Can We Expect To See With The New Prequel Series? — Game of Thrones: The Long Night

Welcome back for another Game of Thrones Update Video. Today I am talking about the new pilot HBO ordered, and some of the events and characters this series could cover. We know it is taking place during the Age of Heroes, most likely centered around the Long Night. We will find out the true origin story behind the White Walkers, and learn about some of the Starks from legend, but what else? Will we see how the Wall was built, along with Winterfell and its Crypts? Will they introduce the Night’s King and Night’s Queen? We could also see some of the other colorful figures from this time, like, Brandon the Builder, Lann the Clever, and Garth Greenhand, just to name a few. Let me know what you think they will reveal in this new prequel series. Thank you for watching!

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32 thoughts on “What Can We Expect To See With The New Prequel Series? — Game of Thrones: The Long Night

  1. Spiritual Gangster

    “The mysteries of the east” part was really interesting and I think they’re going to introduce the Yi Ti civilization into the fray. Theirs is the only other Long Night reference we have. For them it was caused by a black stone that fell from the sky that was worshipped by the Bloodstone emperor and his followers of the cult of starry wisdom. That will give them an opportunity to use a more diverse Asian cast also.

  2. skelitonking117

    While there armour was better; Obsidian would pierce Bronze like nobody’s business, It’s the reason why Iron age society’s could even stand against people like the romans, bronze is great to work with but doesn’t hold up in the long run. Also i’m predicting some sort of ceremonial ritual room within the collapsed sections of the crypts, would be cool.

  3. Dan

    Listening to your video, something struck me: what if the white walkers were not the enemy, but the children are the ones that need to be defeated. Could it be that the children created the white walkers to fight against men and now they act like victims because everyone forgot the truth? The children don't share that much information, are very mysterious and they demand too much from people like for example they asked Bran to sacrifice himself without too much info. What if Black Raven was their prisoner? What if the white walkers are set to destroy the last children on the God's Eye island? In my opinion, the white walkers were awaken the moment the children's numbers diminished and they destroyed the Wall only after all the children north of the wall were dead.

  4. Hannes Scheepers

    Honestly, Winterfell, its crypts, the wall and the dragons are what interest me most. If this all happens during the Age of Heroes, I expect we will see the erection of The Wall, origin of House Stark and the Crypts and the origins of most of the legends The series should mostly surround the White Walkers and the Long Night, The Last Hero and Azor Ahai. I don't think we will see much of the dragons, as most of their "Domestication" only happened around 5000 years before GoT. The only dragon we know of mentioned from the Age of Heroes timeline is Nagga, the sea dragon killed by the Grey King from the Iron Islands. Very exciting indeed.

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