«WE’RE NOT DONE YET!» — Free Game Friday — Rodriguez v Rösner — Hong Kong 2018

Check out one of the longest, most-tense, highest quality games we’ve ever seen between Miguel Angel Rodriguez and Simon Rösner from the Hong Kong Open 2018 quarter finals.
* We normally don’t do deciding games for Free Game Friday… but we HAD to break our rule just this once… This one is too good not to share!
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31 thoughts on “«WE’RE NOT DONE YET!» — Free Game Friday — Rodriguez v Rösner — Hong Kong 2018

  1. Jacob Eliosoff

    Obviously an amazing game and match but I gotta say, I know they were tired and I respect patience and a good line, but all the backhand wall plonking took me right back to 1990s squash…

    Big kudos to the ref though for getting every one of the 37 decisions right! (Unlike the players)

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