Week 7 2018 Michigan State vs #8 Penn State Full Game Highlights

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31 thoughts on “Week 7 2018 Michigan State vs #8 Penn State Full Game Highlights

  1. justfetus

    so I'm fortunate in that I didn't know the outcome of this game before watching the highlights. Seeing McSorley fail several times throughout this video was so sweet. After the failed fake FG by Michigan State I was thinking to myself, "THEY CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT!!!" And then… beautiful last minute TD. Whew. Good game

  2. Tracy-Scott Michael

    No one cares about PUNTS if nothing significant happens. Unless there was a long return or a muff/fumble, no one cares about a punt. Love your contribution for feeding our football addiction so keep'em coming, just hold the punts PLEASE!. Oh yeah, BTW, I love watching Penn St lose.

  3. joeseddit

    Disagree with game’s commentators. They were criticizing McSorley for not getting out of bounds to stop the clock (17:41). He was going for the first down, which was far more important than getting out of bounds. Sure, in hindsight it would have been great if he stayed in bounds since he didn’t get the first. But he didn’t know he wasn’t going to make it, he took a shot at getting the first and ending the game right there. I mean what was he supposed to do? Try to slide for the first down? Would have had no chance at the first if he did that.
    I watch every Big Ten conference game and write about the games on my blog if you’re interested. If not, I understand. bigtenfootballfromthecouch. com

  4. Gary McMichael

    What an ugly fucking game. Couldn't have happened to a shittier team (Perv State U) but hilarious that that fucking couch fire known as msu shartys pull an ugly turd out of their ass. Notice Mork Dimtanio's shit eating face after that TD. He needed that shit to get off the hot seat but after next week's beatdown by the Wolverines in East Landfill he'll be right back on it. Lol

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