Was This a Harmless Senior Prank?

Did this high school prank go too far? Students at Gladstone High School in Oregon celebrated their impending graduation by going into the school early Friday morning and moving hundreds of desks out of classrooms and into the hallways. The seniors also replaced erasers with hot dogs. While many think senior pranks are harmless rites of passage, the school’s principal didn’t see this one as a laughing matter. Many think senior pranks are harmless rites of passage, but not the school principal.


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31 thoughts on “Was This a Harmless Senior Prank?

  1. Walkin' Tall

    Oh come on. That prank was f'ing harmless! And what vandalism?? Nothing was broke, everything that was done can be easily fixed by putting desks back, and throwing the hotdogs away!! 😒 Smh!! Let the seniors have a lil fun! That principal is a negative nancy that sounds like hes in need of a good lay!

  2. Vanessa Baez

    Lol for a senior prank in my school, we put aluminum foil ALL OVER our favorite science teacher's classroom. He laughed and it was all fun and games until some of the other people in the group decided to tape aluminum foil in dowm the whole science wing hallway! Thank goodness i didn't take part of it because the principle was definitely not happy. 🙄

  3. Marina Nextdoor

    Lol this white ginger needs to chill don’t go to your graduation then ? You had a part of this “prank “ you should be putting back the desk with the rest of friends. No one is going to beg you to walk on your graduation, it was you’re choice you’re actions . Spoiled rotten kid

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