TOP 10 Pool TRICK Shots and PRANKS!! Part 3 : EASY

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32 thoughts on “TOP 10 Pool TRICK Shots and PRANKS!! Part 3 : EASY

  1. Cardtrix 8

    Yo rich. On the row and columns adding to 30. There is more that makes 30. The diagnols make 30, the 4 corners make 30, any block of 4 makes 30, if you take the 2 balls on both sides of one corner and add it to the other 2 of the opposite corner you get 30, this is obviously a 4×4 grid. If you look at any 3×3 grid within the 4×4, the 4 corners of the 3x3s will add up to 30 as well

  2. METO U

    The tennis balls can both be hit if u know what to do… It can definitely be done but only by better than average players… U must masse the cue ball… If u have to look up what that means then u will definitely not be able to do it… And u will most likely ruin the table if u tried… U have to shoot down on the cue ball where ur stick is almost at a 90 degree angle from the table.. If u do not know what u are doing u will be jabbing the stick into the pool table… Good players know how to do it without hitting the table… And all u r doing is spinning the ball really fast backwards so when u hit 1 ….the high revolutions of the ball spinning backwards will cause friction with the table and the ball will change direction and start traveling in the opposite direction

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