This Is Me: A Greatest Showman Parody

By | 17.05.2018

This video is a Mom Parody to the hit song «This Is Me» from The Greatest Showman. Share this video:
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«Days are hard… Nights are long… But I keep on goin’ strong… I AM MOM!!!»


Lyrics — Caleb Pate, Deanna Pate, Jana Hubbard, Meredith Light

Vocals (in order of appearance) — Megan Lopez, Katelyn Hefta, Deanna Pate, Kinsey Sykes, Keri Smith, Jenny Williams

Actors (in order of appearance) — Megan Lopez (and kids), Katelyn Hefta (and kids), Deanna Pate (and kids), Kinsey Sykes (and kids), Keri Smith (and kids), Jenny Williams

Extras — Faith Butler, Kyleigh White

Music — Karaoke Version ( and Tency Music (

Audio Gear — Paul Gaehring

Audio/Video Production — Caleb Pate

Producer — Deanna Pate

Assistant — Ben Long


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