The softest yoonmin moments Reaction (Is it real? I think so)


LazyJamie reaction to The softest yoonmin moments.
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If you’re reading this, comment «CARROTS», it’ll confuse anyone who doesn’t see this!


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The softest yoonmin moments reaction
Reacting to The softest yoonmin moments
Watch me react to The softest yoonmin moments arielle

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32 thoughts on “The softest yoonmin moments Reaction (Is it real? I think so)

  1. Cousin’s FF’s

    The part in the video with V, Suga, Jimin, and Hobi, when they were giving Yoongi short comments after he changed into jimins gift, when it was Jimin’s turn he just said, “You know” and Yoongi said, “I know” which are the same lyrics in serendipity by Jimin. That is another clue that Serendipity is about Yoonmin.

  2. Paris Harrop-Hemara

    I'm from New Zealand and yes that whole who could clap last thing happens all the time😂 (also I love your videos so much, I have just come across it today but I have binge watched so many videos. I have also subscribed to you because I love your videos especially BTS ones so much. I love all your reactions because that's basically exactly what I think when I see them ❤️)

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